Preparation and Attendance at Trials

Preparation and Representation in Attendance at Trials

When having to represent yourself at trial, it can be intimidating unless you know all the proper steps and Rules of the Small Claims Court. But when working with a Collectrite Paralegal professional, we take the guess work out. The right court representation and preparation is the key to ensuring a thorough execution in the legal process.

We know how the Ontario courtroom works and the correct procedures, to take the stress off of you. We review all aspects of your case prior to the court date. We review the facts of your Plaintiff’s Claim, the Defence, the Defendant’s Claim, any court orders made at the Settlement Conference and any direction given by the judge at the Settlement Conference. You may not even need to attend your trial date depending on the claim being made and the complexities behind it. 
Collectrite Paralegal Services works closely with each client giving you the confidence and satisfaction, knowing that your claim is being taken care of quickly and professionally. Serving Southern Ontario including Hamilton, Burlington and Kitchener.

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