Attendance at Pre-Trials / Conferences

Attendance at Pre-Trials / Settlement Conferences / Court Representation

The legal process in Canada is detailed and procedural. It can take months or years to finally get through the system to plead your case, or reach a settlement. Effective paralegal representation is the key to assist you in exercising your rights.

No need to take time out of your life to get the legal process underway, put your trust in the hands of the Collectrite Paralegal Services. At Collectrite we explore all facets of your case, and we know the ins and outs of the Canadian legal system. It’s best practice to have an expert attend your pre-trials and settlement conferences. While it can be more expensive, the expense is justifiable.
A Paralegal can take advantage of unexpected events, and use their knowledge to help obtain favourable settlements, clear you of any charges, or move your case through to the next level based on its urgency. CPS has settled hundreds of cases at the Settlement Conference stage and will use our experience and expertise to communicate on your behalf to help obtain a favourable settlement or to acquire the necessary information to properly prepare for Trial. 

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